Lewis Sports Foundation Partnership 

Conservancy’s Role

On October 15, 2013, the Saint Paul Parks Conservancy received a grant from the NFL/NFLPA Research and Education Foundation, Inc. in the amount of $32,715 for the Lewis Sports Foundation camp.

Program Concept & Goals

The Lewis Sport Foundation and Athletic Services, LLC conducts a series of sports teaching and learning formats for Saint Paul Parks Conservancy.  The activities focus on the total development of student athletes by offering physical skills training and leadership training for male and female students in St. Paul and the surrounding areas. 

Our teaching and learning formats are open to any and all ability levels. Participants train with qualified coaches and mentors on the field to advance their sports skills and participate in group sessions that further develop their leadership and life development skills. Various sports are considered as learning environments.  The sports include football, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse and basketball.

The goal of the program is to enhance the pursuit of physical activity, life-long learning, cooperation and education through instruction focused on advancing athletic and cognitive skills.