Lilydale Regional Park


Neighborhood: West Side

Amount Raised: $559,000

Project Partners: Friends of Lilydale

Project Background

The Lilydale Regional Park improvement project was the first major inititative of the Saint Paul Parks Conservancy.

This park project included a dramatic stone and brick gateway entry to Lilydale Regional Park from Harriet Island, a stone-lined creek along Water Street leading into the park, and removal of invasive vegetation to create dramatic views of the Mississippi. The creek will capture runoff from the surrounding bluffs and attend to the chronic problem of water and ice buildup on the roadway.



Project Need

The gateway and creek projects will attract wide public interest in park revitalization. We also hope that the project will encourage other private and public-sector partners to join with us in advancing additional park enhancements including road improvements, power line burial, topographical improvements, debris removal, the addition of lake and trail amenities, and much more.

Although in serious need of protection and revitalization, the park offers great potential as a verdant natural environment, a welcome home for a wide variety of native plants and wildlife, and an inviting venue for people to hike, bike, ski, fish, walk their dog, or just revel in a quiet setting close to home.

The work of the Conservancy in this important natural parkland was built on the advocacy, hard work, and contributions of many people and organizations, particularly The Friends of Lilydale. The Conservancy met the goal of raising $559,000, which also paved the way for $4 million dollars in public investment for a new pathway along Pickerel Lake, roadway and lighting upgrades, and environmental improvements.