Oxford Field


Neighborhood: Summit – University

Amount Raised: $53,979

Project Partners: City of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation

Project Backgrond

Oxford Community Center (Jimmy Lee) has been “home” to several hall of fame athletes over the years including Dave Winfield and Paul Molitor and a likely hall of fame candidate, Joe Mauer. The site is centrally located in the Rondo neighborhood of Saint Paul, and is a one-of-a-kind recreation hub that provides for current and future youth to play and develop like the hall of famers of old.

The Saint Paul Parks Conservancy selected this project for raising additional funds due to the historical significance and the value this site has in the hearts and minds of countless Saint Paul residents.

Putting the finishing touches on this multi-million dollar investment, the Conservancy brought other funders into a project that began many years ago affects the lives of thousands of youth each year.

Stacy’s Lights

With field construction completed, the Saint Paul Conservancy focused its donation efforts towards a project to light Oxford Field called “Stacy’s Lights”. Stacy’s Lights is in honor of Stacy Robinson, a Central High School alum who played six seasons in the NFL with the New York Giants. In October of 2014 the Conservancy proudly raised and donated $53,979 to Stacy’s Lights.

In June 2013, the Conservancy co-sponsored an event to rename Oxford Field the Stacy L. Robinson Field, honoring the late New York Giants wide receiver, who grew up playing on the field and later helped raise funds to improve the facility.

Stacy's Lights