Give stock, iras and

legacy gifts

Gain special tax advantages and include the Conservancy in your long-term philanthropic plans.


Directly transfer stocks and securities. An excellent use of stock that has substantially increased in value. The total value of the stock upon transfer is tax-deductible and there is no obligation to pay capital gains taxes on the appreciation.

Please let us know if you intend to gift stock (and we are always ready to help!). Your broker can transfer stock electronically to the Conservancy with the following information:

Broker: Lynn L. Kittelson, Baird Private Wealth Management, 651-365-2184

Account: 46379082

DTC Number: 0547

St Paul Parks Conservancy Federal Tax ID #: 26-2788415

IRA Distributions. At age 70 ½, IRA owners are required by law to take mandatory minimum distributions. The passage of permanent IRA Charitable Rollover legislation has enabled donors to plan each year in advance. Transfer your gift to the Conservancy directly from the IRA or write a check from the IRA up to a $100,000 limit.


If you want to help make a lasting impact on Saint Paul’s parks a lasting impact, consider including the Conservancy in your long-term philanthropic plans.  the Conservancy, along with resources and guidance of the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundations, can help you express your passion for parks and assure their future while providing current income and decreasing your tax burden..

Ways to Give

Designated funds – Designated funds ensure that your gift has maximum impact.  Your fund will be managed as part of a diversified investment portfolio and grant distributions may grow annually.

Charitable gift annuity – In return for your gift, you receive a guaranteed, fixed income for life at a rat that’s often higher than that of a savings account or certificate of deposit.

Charitable remainder trust – A charitable remainder trust allows you to make a charitable gift, receive income throughout your lifetime, and also possibly benefit from a tax reduction or reduction of capital gains tax.

Take the next step
Contact us to start a conversation.  We can work with you and your professional advisors to develop a plan that’s the right fit for you.

For other ways to give to SPPC, refer to our gift acceptance policy.

Disclaimer:  This information is not intended to substitute for legal or tax advice.  For information on how a charitable gift may affect your personal situation, please consult with your professional advisors.