Major Tree Donation!

The city’s tree canopy will get a boost with $10,000 in new trees.

Hoffman & McNamara Nursery and Landscape will donate the trees and labor through a partnership with the Conservancy. They will plant trees next spring to replace the diseased Ash trees removed from the Dunning Recreation Center complex. The rec center is now home to the ARTS-Us Center for the African Diaspora which has a 27-year history of developing youth leaders in a culturally-specific environment of Science, Music, Arts and Technology programs.

The work of removing and replacing Ash trees affected by the Emerald Ash Borer is costly and ongoing. Saint Paul’s urban tree canopy covers 32.5% of the total land area of Saint Paul, although 66.2% of Saint Paul is suitable for tree canopy cover.

Canopy Comparisons: Chicago, IL 17.2% / New York City, NY 24% / Des Moines, IA 27% / Minneapolis, MN 31.5% / Saint Paul, MN 32.5% / Washington D.C. 35%.

You can read more about Saint Paul’s tree canopy assessment here.

With City and Park budgets constrained during the Coronavirus Pandemic, this donation means so much!  Thank you Hoffman & McNamara Nursery and Landscape!