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great for all families

People are the pulse of the city – parks let them breathe. Parks are the city dweller’s backyard – an essential center for family and cultural life. The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly shown us all that parks are needed more than ever. Saint Paul is home to one of the country’s most celebrated park systems. With 179 parks and approximately 5000 acres of parkland, private/public partnership is essential to the continued success of our park system.

Your support will ensure that our parks and recreational facilities evolve and thrive as our city grows and diversifies.

Sepak Takraw Courts at the Duluth Case Recreation Center

Our Mission & Vision

We see a city where ALL Saint Paulites are within a 10-minute walk of truly great green spaces where they are welcomed, sustained, and find joy.

Our Values

Like you, we believe that exceptional parks and recreation facilities create safer, stronger and more welcoming neighborhoods.

The Saint Paul Parks Conservancy was founded in 2008 as the champion of Saint Paul’s award-winning park system. With your help, the Conservancy carries out Saint Paul’s vision of equitable access to active lifestyles, vibrant places, and a vital environment.

We are committed to ensuring that Saint Paul has a world class park system for generations to come. We have four main values:

Yoga class in the Park


We work with the Department of Parks and Recreation, neighbors, and community non-profits to select project priorities, jointly fundraise, and directly improve our parks and recreation centers.

Bike riding in the park


We believe that all neighborhoods deserve safe, welcoming, and attractive parks and recreation facilities.

Kids on playground


We seek to build on the legacy of our park system while inspiring innovations that respond to changing and future needs.

Monarch butterflys


We are trusted stewards of donor gifts, ensuring that resources are used efficiently and transparently.


Together with our donors and partners we are making exciting things happen for Saint Paul Parks. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on events and learn about ways to get involved with the Conservancy.

Saint Paul Parks by the Numbers

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