Historic Irvine Park
Saint Paul, MN

Help Restore an Iconic Park for Everyone

An oasis in downtown Saint Paul, Irvine Park is a place for relaxation, celebrations, exercise, and gathering. Steps from the city center, the park has been a peaceful gathering place for generations.

Historic Irvine Park Association is dedicated to maintaining and preserving this iconic destination. With your help, together we can to maintain the authentic beauty of Irvine Park for all of St. Paul to enjoy for generations to come.

Learn more about the projects in the Park below.

A Dynamic Space

The blend of natural beauty, authentic historic charm, and open space draws residents and visitors to the park to enjoy activities as unique as the city itself.


Martial Arts, Yoga, Walking


Painting, Sketching, Writing


Activities for All Seasons


A Meeting Place for Making Friends

Making Lifetime Memories

An iconic fountain, gazebo, and Victorian homes define the park as the most desired location for memorable events. Engagements, birthdays, weddings, holidays… celebrations of every kind set Irvine Park apart.


Revitalizing Irvine Park

Gazebo Success!

Lead by Historic Irvine Park Association and neighbors in collaboration with the City of Saint Paul, in the spring of 2021, the Irvine Park Gazebo has been repaired and painted in authentic Victorian colors. The refurbished structure is once again a gathering spot and iconic cornerstone to the Park.

Tree Replacement

With the need to address infected Ash trees, a new opportunity arises. The City of St. Paul in 2020 removed over a dozen trees and ground the stumps in 2021, the Park is on schedule to have new plantings in 2022. Working with landscape architects, Historic Irvine Park Association is restoring the original 1880s landscape design including iconic Oak, and flowering Cherry trees for generations to enjoy.


Irvine Park needs your help

Fountain – An approximate $120,000 – $150,000 repair

Maintaining this iconic fountain is significant and time sensitive. The metalwork is decaying causing the entire structure to demand repair. The fountain foundation, a concrete slab, is in need of leveling and possible replacement. The original lighting has been unusable for years and needs complete replacement with new fixtures and electrical.

Landscaping – Estimated $40,000

The gardens of Irvine Park have always been simple yet elegant. With the help of both volunteers and donated funds, the gardens will be designed once again in the Victorian style with stone lined beds, foot rails, and plantings. The authentic design will ensure a stunning display of foliage and flower to enhance all occasions in the park.

Lighting Fixtures – $25,000 replacement and repair

The lights within the park are the original 1880 design intended for gas illumination. The lights are now electric but the original glass, gas chimneys, and aluminum crown are still remaining. Many of the lamps metalwork is cracking and they are all in need of new globes, mending, and paint.

Hardscape – $250,000+

Irvine Park has much of the original granite curbs and stone edging. For both esthetic and safety reasons the hardscape around the park is in dire need of repair and in places replacement. Keeping with the original hexagonal pavers that once lined most of the city, the maintenance would include ensuring the pattern of the historic walkways are kept intact.

Tree Landscaping – $30,000+ replacement

Twenty trees have been cut down throughout the park, many of them removed due to illness caused by the Emerald Ash Borer. The Park intends to replenish the trees with new plantings that are authentic to the original design of the park in the 1880s. Mostly oak and blooming cherry, the park will be landscaped and planted to restore the beauty of Irvine Park.


Donate and Volunteer

Help keep Irvine Park a destination for us all to enjoy

Historic Irvine Park

Michael Boeckmann Photography at irvineparkimages.com

All historic photography courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN