Dragonflies & Flycatchers July 2, 2022

Join us July 2 from 1-3 pm for a free event for all those interested in bugs, birds, and dragonflies.

Join in getting a closer look between the predator-prey relationship between dragonflies and birds of the Flycatcher family.

Dragonfly experts from the Minnesota Dragonfly Society will catch dragonflies in nets. The dragonflies will be placed into temporary holding containers so that people can get a closer look at the dragonflies, damsel flies, darners. After a short while, the insects will be released back to the park.

Audubon volunteers will be on hand to discuss Flycatchers and other birds who rely on dragonflies as an important food source.

Volunteers from Friends of Swede Hollow and The Conservancy will share the history of Swede Hollow and dreams for the park’s future.

Register here. Dragonflies & Flycatchers will take place in Saint Paul’s Swede Hollow Park. Follow the signs and enter the Park via the Drewry Tunnel, which is across the street from 622 Beaumont Street East, Saint Paul MN 55130.

Photo: The Great Crested Flycatcher is about to catch a Common Green Darner Dragonfly. Photo by Carl Hoang taken at Veterans Memorial Park in Richfield May 2022.