Infor Gift Supports STEM Camps

Infor, a homegrown tech superstar, supports STEM camps with gift and volunteers.

Infor started its downtown Saint Paul presence as Lawson Software. Now Infor, the family-founded company is supporting STEM programs at North Dale Recreation Center with a gift of $5,000. The grant will help provide scholarships for camp tuition and provide supplies for tech programs and spaces.

Infor team members will also be supporting tech programs at North Dale through volunteerism. Each Infor employee has eight hours of paid time to volunteer in the community and this opportunity was a natural fit for the tech leader.

In addition to the generous cash grant, Infor is donating 25 laptops that will help Right Track youth workers expand opportunities at Parks and Recreation.

Learn more or register for Saint Paul Parks and Recreation STEM camps (science, technology, engineering, and math, robotics). If you or your company would like to support the amazing programs in our parks and recreation centers, please contact us to talk about your goals.