Ecolab Invests $2M in Downtown Beautification

The company is celebrating its 100th anniversary by reshaping a community green space.

But, in celebration of Ecolab’s 100th anniversary this year, the company has committed to a $2 million project redesigning the concrete walk in front of their headquarters and the adjacent Hamm Plaza to make it a lush green space for pedestrians and small events.

The over 26,000-square-foot area is owned and managed by multiple St. Paul departments, with a small portion designated as Ecolab property. The reimagined space will include new trees and pedestrian benches. While the space might need to be larger to hold truly large events, it will bring more public gathering spaces to the heart of the city. The Ordway’s Flint Hills Children’s Festival and the Meritage Oysterfest have used the current awkward concrete and granite structure currently in place for their events.

“Since our 1923 origins in the basement of the nearby Endicott Building, Ecolab has been a proud member of the St. Paul community,” Christophe Beck, Ecolab chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said in a statement. “Today, as a global company operating in more than 170 countries, we celebrate 100 years of growth by honoring our humble beginnings and the ongoing connection between our people, our communities, and our environment.”