New Pedro Park Designs

New concepts make use of the newly expanded space.

This week, the metaphorical wrecking ball comes down on the abandoned Public Safety Annex to make way for an expanded Pedro Park at Robert and 10th Streets downtown. (The equipment used will actually be a building “chomper” that will take down the derelict structure in big bites.)

After years of consistent feedback from downtown residents and stakeholders, the final concepts by Aune Fernandez Landscape Architects reveal a park space that will be unlike anything else in the Twin Cities. The space will be green with plenty of open lawn, gardens tended by the many volunteers of the Friends of Pedro Park, and new trees. There are plenty of great spots throughout the park to meet with friends and hold casual gatherings, from outdoor work meetings for nearby workers to coffee and play dates. A pergola with seating and an extended apron for music and performances create a focal point across from Lund’s and the Penfield. A dedicated, fenced dog area will be a welcome addition to downtown, as well as a new play space. We all know about the lack of downtown restrooms. This plan envisions supporting an ADA-accessible biffy to help meet that need.

The estimated price tag is $8 million, and our Minnesota congressional delegation is carrying a $7 million request forward so that private and City funds can fill in the final piece of the campaign. This request is one of many before Congress for our local and regional park projects, so it’s not a done deal by any means. In addition, the Conservancy is working with Parks and Rec, Council Member Rebecca Noecker, and Friends of Pedro Park on other funding sources for both the interim (post-demolition) park phase and the final design phase.

“Stay tuned to this channel” for park developments. You can cast your vote for the new park by making your gift today.