Nominate Your Park Volunteer of the Year

Saint Paul Parks and Rec volunteers will be honored at the Party for the Parks on June 21!

Does your local park or neighborhood group have an outstanding volunteer supporting a park or recreation center program? Nominate them as your volunteer of the year to be recognized at Party for the Parks on June 21 at Phalen Park.

Your volunteer of the year will receive:

  • Recognition in press releases, Mayoral Proclamation, online and at the event;
  • Two (2) tickets including meals and drink tickets; 
  • A commemorative pin; copy of the Mayoral Proclamation and certificate of thanks;
  • A digital photo of themselves from the event;
  • A huge round of applause from those gathered to celebrate our parks!

Online registration to attend this City-wide park mcelebration will be open soon.

We know your volunteers give their time and energy for the community’s benefit and not for recognition. All the same, our elected officials and Parks and Rec leadership would love to have them with us when we all honor outstanding parks and rec volunteers.

Send your Volunteer of the Year Selection to us by May 1Please include volunteer of the year name as it should appear in the program; brief comments on why you chose them; and a photo for inclusion on the website and online.