#StPaulBarks Winner Announced!

Meet Howl o’ Weenie, who loves exploring water and nature in our parks!

Howl o’ Weenie is an 8-year-old Mini Dachshund who usually goes by Weenie (because she’s a weenie dog). She loves exploring with her nose, sniffing out and figuring out who and what has been where; she loves climbing up on rocks at Como Park Hamm Memorial Falls, watching the water, kayaking, walking, and of course, as in her nature finding chipmunks and squirrels (which she gets so excited about she likes to scream at them since she knows she’s not allowed to chase). She also digs the fact that Como Park has ice cream by the water, and one of her favorite past times is splitting some of the vanilla parts with her mom, Lily Kelsey. She also enjoys the swings by the fire pits, roaming around in the snowy tree areas on warmer winter days, and rolling in the grass. She is also an avid National Park visitor, having visited 30+ parks and monuments in 13 states. She loves to help her mom with the Junior Ranger program and abides by the B.A.R.K ranger principles. She is definitely a park fan, and she demands to stop at Como Park whenever she knows we are near one of her favorite places.