Your Voice is Needed at the Legislature 

If you love your Saint Paul and Ramsey County Parks and Trails as much as we do, then you know they can use more funds for maintenance and improvements.

Your legislators are discussing bills that would increase funding for parks and trails . Now is when your voice counts! 

You can be part of the parks advocacy effort. Lend your voice and make a difference by sending emails to both your state Senator and state Representative encouraging them to fund park bills this session. 

  1. Find your legislator’s contact information here.
  2. Send a note as simple as this: “Thank you for your support of metro area parks and trails! Please vote in favor of parks funding bills this session that will keep our parks and trails safe and accessible for the 65 million visitors to our metro area parks! Metro area parks and trails are used by visitors from around the region and the world. Local property taxpayers should not shoulder the bulk of the maintenance burden to welcome Minnesota visitors.”
  3. Let us know when you’ve sent your message so we can track the efforts.

Specific Bills to Mention and Track:

  • The Regional Parks Operations and Maintenance Bill (HF1110/ SF1001) will provide $40 million per year for our metro area parks (that’s just 61 cents per park visit!)
  • Please support increased Local Government Aid (LGA) in the Tax Bill to share the tax burden equitably between municipalities and the state.
  • Please support the $50 million in bonding bills for projects across the ten regional parks agencies to address the backlog of needs created by the lack of a bonding bill for two years. (HF1539/ SF1586)

Feel free to add your own message, personal story, or your own reason why your parks need support.

THANK YOU! Your voice matters.

Saint Paul Parks Conservancy Board of Directors

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The Saint Paul Parks Conservancy is the official nonprofit champion of the Saint Paul Department of Parks and Recreation. Making strong parks superb.

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