We are guided by a commitment to collaboration and fueled by a spirit of generosity and gratitude.

Fiscal Sponsorship

The Saint Paul Parks Conservancy has served as a trusted fiscal agent for various park groups and projects. We provide 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status and a suite of accounting, insurance, document review, and communications services to community groups that are making park and public space projects happen across the city

Fundraising consulting

Boost your park project with expert planning advice, grant-writing and reporting support, and creation of fundraising appeals and materials.

fund management

We manage restricted and general-purpose funds, including endowments, for donors who want to make long-term and legacy investments in Saint Paul’s parks and public space system.


The Saint Paul Parks Conservancy supports partners who:

  • Increase park access and create connections among well-designed, welcoming, and activated parks and public spaces that serve all Saint Paul residents
  • Have shared, inclusive, and accountable community leadership with a diverse steering committee
  • Are supported by the broader community (including landowners) and relevant public agencies
  • Are supported by partners who will ensure ongoing and high-level stewardship
  • Can attract funding from community donors, public agencies, and other funders
  • Have specific goals, regular financial activity, and the capacity to deliver on commitments