Pedro Park

Neighborhood: Downtown

Amount Needed: $1,500,000

Project Partners:  City of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation

The Story of Pedro Park

The story of Pedro Park started in 1914 when Italian immigrant Carl Pedro opened a luggage store on the site. After decades as a thriving downtown business, the Pedro family closed the store, demolished their building and gave the lot to the city as parkland. It became home to an urban flower field with an iconic mural on the side of the derelict Public Safety Annex. More than 30 nearby residents planted and maintained the unique spiral shaped garden beds in the park.

Fast forward to 2023 when the city demolished the Public Safety Annex so the park could finally be expanded to become downtown’s newest green “lung” and community gathering place.

The City appropriated $6M toward park development to take place in 2024-2025. The Conservancy is working with the Friends of Pedro Park to raise fund the features that will make this park a hub of community life: volunteer garden beds, interactive water feature, seating areas, pavilion, playground and fenced dog run. The park’s design is now at the 60% to completion phase. Join us in expanding downtown’s newest park!

With the demolition of the Public Safety Annex, we are expanding and rebuilding Pedro Park! Expanded green space and tree canopy will help cool the downtown heat island. Gathering spaces and lush volunteer garden plots will bring neighbors together. The impact of an expanded, gorgeously designed green space in this part of downtown will also spur further housing and retail development.

  • Well-designed parks increase property values by an average of 30% within a three block radius.
  • 53% of today’s homebuyers prefer smaller homes close to parks [Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota]

The park can also create economic impact for business.

  • Customers pay an average of 11% more for products in districts with trees than in no-tree districts.
  • Product quality is rated 30% higher than in areas with no landscaping or park land. [City Parks Forum]

The City of Saint Paul is investing $6M in park construction. In line with its mission to make strong parks superb, Saint Paul Parks Conservancy is working with the Friends of Pedro Park to attract $1.5M of private contributions to fund the amenities that will make the park come alive for residents and visitors: a beautiful event pavilion, play area, public art, interactive splash pad and fenced dog run.