Cochran Fountain Restoration Kicks Off

A long-awaited project to wrap up in June.

Recent years have been hard on one of Saint Paul’s beloved landmarks, the fountain at Cochran Park featuring Paul Manship’s iconic sculpture Indian Hunter and Dog, along with four geese. Over time the artisan tiles in the fountain basin have cracked and popped off. In December 2021, one of the geese was vandalized, and last December, the arrows were broken. Through it all, the Ramsey Hill Association has kept the perimeter garden beautifully planted.

They have also raised significant money to match the Minnesota Historical Society Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund Grant by Mason Riddle to restore the fountain basin.

The project was delayed in 2022 so that a forensic analysis of the fountain basin could be completed. This crucial step revealed that the adhesives available when the fountain tiles were last restored could not keep pace with the seasonal expansion and contraction of the underlying cement. Fortunately, new polymers will provide a more responsive adhesive base for the tiles. Saint Paul Park and Rec awarded the consulting contract for the project to The Milligan Studios. Grant funds must be expended by June, so the project is on!

Meanwhile, KCI Conservators are restoring the damaged sculptural elements thanks to additional support from the Ramsey Hill Association, and sculpture sponsors Robert Muchewske and Leaetta Hough and Richard and Nancy Nicholson. You can still donate to the project and the care of these wonderful sculptures.