Building Dreams: Pedro Park Expansion 

In the vibrant heart of downtown Saint Paul, a new park takes shapes with your help. 

In an often overlooked part of downtown, Saint Paul community spirit thrives. We are excited to share a monumental project that promises to be a new jewel among our beloved parks – the expansion of Pedro Park. 

A Community-Driven Oasis: At the forefront of our downtown, where over 10,000 diverse residents call home, the expansion of Pedro Park is set to become an urban oasis, the result of over 15 years of collective vision. Designed with heart and soul by Aune Fernandez Landscape Architects, this neighborhood gem will feature a lush lawn, new trees, volunteer-tended gardens, a fenced dog run, lighting, and abundant gathering spaces. 

The Journey So Far: With $6 million in City funding, we are proud to share that the project is 75% of the way to its goal, marking a significant milestone in our collective efforts. Construction is set to kick off in the vibrant spring of 2024, bringing us one step closer to realizing our shared vision for Pedro Park. 

Join Us in the Final Push: Now, more than ever, your support is crucial to propel this project over the finish line. The Saint Paul Parks Conservancy, in collaboration with the Friends of Pedro Park, is rallying to raise the remaining $1.5 million needed to complete the park by 2024. 

Your Impact in Action: Your contribution to the Pedro Park Expansion Campaign will leave a lasting legacy. Today, your gift goes even further as downtown neighbors and businesses have generously offered a new $25,000 matching gift. Every dollar you contribute will be doubled, amplifying the impact of your generosity. 

Ways to Give: Whether you choose to give online, by check, through an IRA distribution, Donor Advised Funds, or gifts of stock, your support is a vital step towards making Pedro Park a reality. Consider naming opportunities starting at $5,000 as a unique way to leave your mark on this thriving community space. 

Pedro Park: A Hub for Community Life: As we embark on the final leg of this transformative journey, we invite you to join the campaign to build Pedro Park. With your help, this park will not just be a space – it will be a vibrant hub for community life, a place where laughter echoes, stories intertwine, and memories blossom. 

Make a Difference Today: Make your contribution today and be a part of creating something truly special for our community.